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Welcome to the Website of Addenbrooke's Kidney Patients Association


AKPA is a small, Cambridge-based charity run by volunteers which works to improve the quality of life for the kidney patients of Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge and her satellite dialysis units. We are involved in a wide range of activities including occasional social events and talks by hospital staff on medical advances.


AKPA is a registered charity and over 95% of funds raised go towards helping patients.




 AKPA News


11th December 2021

AKPA's Christmas Carol Service will be available to stream live


Today's Christmas Carol Service at Great St. Mary's Church in Cambridge will be available to view live from 2.55pm.


Please see further details on the event's page:




September 2021

AKPA's Christmas Cards Now Available

With Christmas rapidly approaching, AKPA's ever-popular Christmas cards are once again available to order.


Cards can be purchased by mail order by filling in our order form or, if you prefer, they are available to be viewed and purchased in person from our wonderful friends at Pearce’s Farm Shop & Café in Buntingford.


Please click the following link for the mail order form and also please share it with your familiy and friends:




November 2020

Phone trial improves patient/staff communication

At the start of the Covid lockdown, staff at the Cambridge Dialysis Centre became aware that some renal patients were having difficulty contacting the Centre. In particular, patients who were isolated and didn't have access to computers or mobile phones.


Renal Counsellor Gill Chumbley suggested providing smart phones to make it easier for them to contact staff for appointments and to provide video consultations. She approached AKPA to fund a trial and we agreed to fund eight phones for a year. The phones were offered to patients and staff at CDC, Hinchingbrooke, West Suffolk and Kings Lynn.


Gill said: “More staff took up the offer than initially anticipated. When asked, they said that patients who already had phones preferred to contact dialysis centres by text, but couldn't because the main phone was a landline with no text facility. They also found the smart phone's video facilities very useful to for online consultations.”


She added; “Another good outcome, not anticipated, was that asking staff at CDC and the satellites to review patient lists to see who may be in need of a phone, proved a useful review to identify patients who were vulnerable and isolated. It is essential for the Renal Psycho-Social team and other staff to know this to be able to help. Now patients are already flagged up if more Covid restrictions come about.”


Comments from staff :

“Able to message a patient who is hard of hearing about coming in for treatment. It has made an enormous difference for those who can't hear well or who simply don't pick up the phone but are happy to text (the young ones!) a simple measure but really useful.” 

Helen Burns - Renal Anaemia Team


“Used photo messaging to be shown rashes,medication lists etc. - makes it possible to talk face to face without masks. Also used to contact people from home in evenings when they are more available and I have left the unit, and on my day off if co-worker on holiday and office unmanned.” 

Nicky Moncrieff - Renal Low Clearance team


“We have downloaded the Live Transcribe app. for communicating with a patient who is a lip reader. The phone is also useful when ringing patients who have call barring. It helps the staff to avoid using their own phones and giving their contact number to patients and family.”

Irene Pantoja - West Suffolk HD team




April 2020

Coronavirus and Kidney Patients

Credit: Shutterstock/LightspringAs you will know, all kidney patients are likely to be more severely affected by the coronavirus than the general public, so It is vital that they and their families take extra care with regards to the measures being given by the government and the NHS. Those with a kidney transplant are considered ‘extremely vulnerable’ and tighter guidelines apply.


We at AKPA would like to refer you to the up-to-date details provided by the Kidney Care UK (working with NKF, our parent national charity). The details are available from their website by clicking this link. You can also contact the NKF’s HelpLine at 0800 169 09 36.


Please look after yourselves, protect the NHS and stay at home unless a healthcare professional tells you otherwise.




May 2020

Suzi's month long bike challenge

14 weeks on from a life- saving transplant, Suzi is using the stamina she developed facing daily trials on dialysis to raise funds for AKPA, swapping the dialysis machine for an exercise bike.


She is searching for the strength to get on her bike to peddle the equivalent of a 2 hour, 6 times a week regime - just as she maintained on dialysis. Please give her your support!


Read Suzi's full story on her fundraising page:




January 2020

Fabulous Food Raises Funds for AKPA

The proprietors of Lally’s News on Mill Road in Cambridge once again used their shop front to host a fundraising effort for AKPA during the annual Mill Road Winter Fair.


Their food stall attracted a constant stream of customers to the delicious selection of bread pakoras, samosas, chicken curry, paneer curry and chickpea curry. The chickpea curry in particular has become a favourite with locals who come back for it every year.


The family, Raj, Amrik, William and Saira Gharu, all pull together. With Amrik and Saira doing the cooking while William runs the shop and Raj sells the food from the front stall. They also hold a raffle with various donated prizes.


This food stall has been a regular event for many years, and a part of the family’s long term support for AKPA. William Gharu received dialysis for many years and recently had a kidney transplant.


However, this may be the last year as they are planning to move – if so, it’s nice that they raised the highest amount ever, a whopping £1,425.


Our thanks to all the Gharu family for their wonderful fundraising efforts.



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 Our Latest Fundraisers


December 2019

Lucy's Cambridge Half Marathon

"My sister has had two kidney transplants at Addenbrooke's Hospital.


My dad donated his kidney to her when she was 17 years old and it lasted for 19 years, and in 2018 my brother donated his kidney to her.


Addenbrooke's Hospital and their Kidney Patients Association have been amazing throughout it all. They gave all three of them such good care and supported us all throughout the process.


We have been extremely lucky that my family have been matches for my sister and that her body has accepted her new kidneys and all three of them are now healthy and doing well. I therefore want to raise funds for Addenbrooke's Kidney Patients Association so that others can benefit from the amazing support they provide, just like we did."


Please visit Lucy's page:




December 2019

Nicola's Kidney and Sepsis Awareness

Nicola Wakeling is raising money for AKPA. Her efforts will help to ensure that we can continue to support local kidney patients.




Please visit Nicola's fundraising page:




Find details of all our fundraising superstars at









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