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Useful Information and Frequently Asked Questions


This page contains useful information and answers to some frequently asked questions about services for kidney patients at Addenbrooke's Hospital. There are also useful links to information on other relevant websites.




 The AKPA Handbook



The AKPA handbook contains a wealth of information for Addenbrooke's kidney patients. You can get a PDF copy by clicking here.




 Frequently Asked Questions


Sometimes there is a lot of information to take in during a visit to the hospital or clinic. Also, relatives and friends may have questions and concerns. We have tried to provide enough information on pages about kidney disease, dialysis and transplant to answer any questions you may have about these matters. If you have a specific medical enquiry this must be dealt with by the medical team at Addenbrooke’s (see contact list below).


We have produced a list of commonly asked general questions relating to treatment at Addenbrooke's which we have tried to answer as fully as possible. If you have any other questions or would like to see further information added to this list, please contact



How do I get to Addenbrooke's?

Extensive travel information can be found on the Addenbrooke's Website by clicking here.


Where Can I park at Addenbrooke's?

The latest information regarding parking is available on the Addenbrooke's website by clicking here.



Patients with appointments in the Outpatients Department should park in the Main Hospital Car Park. Concessionary tickets are available. Click here for more information.



You are unlikely to be able to drive for four to six weeks following a transplant and should try to bear this in mind when making your way to the hospital. Seek advice from the transplant co-ordinators about the best place to leave your car should it be necessary to bring it in.


Disabled Parking

There are a number of parking spaces close to the hospital entrances that are designated for those who are registered disabled. For further information please click here.



There are a number of visitor car parks on the Addenbrooke's site. For more information on these, including parking costs, please click here.


Where is Addenbrooke's Dialysis Unit?

Addenbrooke's Dialysis Unit is located in Fen Ditton to the north of Cambridge:




Where can I get information about dialysis at Addenbrooke's?

There is a booklet about Addenbrooke's Dialysis Units called A Patient's Guide to Haemodialysis. An online version is available here. You can also get a copy by asking in the Dialysis Unit.


Where can I get information about transplants at Addenbrooke's?

Information on transplants is available on the Cambridge Transplant Website. Click here for the section on kidney transplants. Information about your stay in hospital when you have a transplant can be found on the Ward G5 page by clicking here.


What shops and services are available at Addenbrooke's?

There is a number of shops and other services available at Addenbrooke's, both on the concourse through the main hospital entrance and also near the outpatients' entrance and the Rosie Maternity Hospital entrance. Further information is available from the Addenbrooke's website by clicking here.


I am having a transplant. Can my relatives stay on site?

There is a guest house on the Addenbrooke's site, near the dialysis unit, called Pemberton House. You will usually need to book in advance (although this is obviously difficult given the nature of transplants!) However, if there is no space they have advice about nearby accommodation. Click here for information on visitor accommodation.


Are there any childcare facilities at Addenbrooke's?

There is a play service located in the Outpatients' Department. They can take care of your children while you are attending an outpatient appointment. Further information is available from the Addenbrooke's website by clicking here. (This will open a new window).


I am struggling financially. Is there anyone at Addenbrooke's who can help me?

Advice is available from the Renal Social Care Practitioner who can be found in the dialysis unit. Her name is Jane Rozier and her telephone number is 01223 400186.


Is there anyone I can speak to if I need advice or have concerns about my care?

There is a service based at the hospital called Patient Advice and Liaison Services or PALS. Its purpose is to provide help, advice and support and also to act as an advocate if you are worried about any aspect of your care. More information can be found on the Addenbrooke's website by clicking here.









The AKPA website is provided by Addenbrooke's Kidney Patients for Addenbrooke's Kidney Patients and is for information purposes only. It should not be a substitute for professional medical advice,

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at Addenbrooke's before starting any new treatment or making any changes to existing treatment. Medical information and the staff in the Renal Department change occasionally and while AKPA make

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