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Health and Welfare for Kidney Patients


This page contains information on patient welfare, diet & cookery books and skincare for transplant patients.




 Patient Social and Psychological Support


Renal Social Care Practitioner - Jane Rozier (01223 400186)

The Patient Social Care Practitioner, Jane Rozier, can give advice and guidance to all renal patients, their carers and relatives. Jane can assist in applications for benefits, advocate on a patient's behalf with appeals and hearings and liaise with agencies such as social services, the department of Work and Pensions and other local government deparments.


Jane can also make applications and referrals to various charities and care agencies such as Addenbrookes Kidney Patients Association, Kidney Care UK, Age UK and Crossroads. She has extensive experience and knowledge of the psycho/social and financial difficulties that may be encountered by renal patients and has access to various information networks and can run benefit checks for patients.


Jane is based at Addenbrookes dialysis unit and runs clinics at the three satellite dialysis units each month (West Suffolk, Hinchingbrooke and Kings Lynn) and is available to see patients confidentially. If necessary Jane can carry out home visits when patients are unable and have difficulty in getting to any of the dialysis units.


When funding is not available elsewhere AKPA can, on the recommendation of the Social Care practitioner, consider financial support. This may include help with heating, holidays, the cost of hospital visiting and utility bills. All requests are made via a patient financial support application and are carefully considered in confidence and on their own circumstances.


For more advice and support on these and similar issues, please contact Jane Rozier directly on 01223 400186.


Renal Counsellors - Geraldine Millar & Gill Chumley (01223 400186)

Kidney failure can be a traumatic experience and professional counselling is available for those who feel it would be beneficial. This can be arranged by contacting the counsellor directly or through the staff at the Dialysis Centre, Satellite Units, wards and renal clinics.



Confidentiality will be maintained whatever the route of contact.






In recent years dialysis has vastly improved and most people maintain a very good quality of life. However both forms of dialysis are less efficient than normal kidney function, so appropriate diet and fluid restrictions may be necessary.

In fact, diet is a very significant part of the treatment and management for many people with kidney problems. A patient may need to follow a special diet, or at least eat in such a way as to maintain a balanced nutrition.

The Dietitians assess each patient individually to decide on the most appropriate diet. This depends on blood results, type of treatment, urine output, the kinds of food you prefer to eat and any other dietary restrictions you may have, for example for diabetes.

Dietitians are available to advise all renal patients, If you would like to see a dietitian to discuss your diet, then please ask the nursing staff.

Contact number: (01223) 216655




 Cookery Books


There is a number of books available with recipes designed specifically for kidney patients. Below are details of two which are easily available to you:


Rediscovering Food & Flavours by TV chef Lawrence Keogh, himself a transplant recipient, has been written to help patients with diet restrictions who tend to end up on narrow, dull diets. The emphasis of this book is on rediscovering food and flavours that you may think are off-limits to a person with such a restricted diet. In creating the recipes, Lawrence worked closely with a leading dietitian who offered advice and guidance on the composition of the dishes. They have created dishes that are easy to prepare and suitable for any occasion, from a light snack to a hearty dinner. They have also tried to cater for a variety of cultures and culinary tastes. You can download a copy of the book by clicking this link.


Also, The National Kidney Federation (NKF) has produced a book called Food with Thought, designed with dialysis patients in mind. It is described as "an attractive, common sense, down to earth recipe book for everyday living" and contains a selection of recipes for light bites, main courses and desserts. AKPA purchased a number of these books and distributed them among dialysis patients in late 2008. You can download the 2nd Edition of the book (published 2012) by clicking this link




 Skincare for Transplant Patients


Transplant patients have a higher risk of getting skin cancer because of the drugs they take to prevent rejection of their new kidney. AKPA has produced a leaflet highlighting these risks for transplant patients. You can download a copy of this leaflet in PDF format below:


AKPA Skin Cancer Leaflet


AKPA is happy to supply copies of this leaflet to clinicians and other kidney patient associations. We will supply up to 50 copies free of charge but would ask for a voluntary donation of 5 for more than 50 copies. Please send your request for copies to or by post to:


AKPA skincare leaflet

48, Montague Road,




Cheques should be made payable to 'AKPA'.


 Further Information and Resources Online


Medic Alert


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